Welcome to Coconut Resort Scooter Rental in Phuket


Are you looking for a motorbike or scooter to experience a fantastic drive around Phuket island?

We offer to rent you scooters for a reasonable price.


All you need when you want to get a bike is a copy of your passport and your driving license.

You have to pay for gasoline on your own. Most motorbikes use 91 { octane indication} which costs 30 baht per liter from gas stations. Be aware that bottled fuel that sells along the street or anyplace else is more expensive than at the station and its probably not a good idea to fill the tank with it.So we suggest that you buy it in emergency cases only.

We will be expected to return the bike at Coconut resort with as much more petrol than you hired it with.if you don’t.you might lose some deposit.


We will provide you as much information as you want about the rental and place to visit in Phuket, and how to stay safe during your visit.

Honda Click 125 cc 

Honda Pcx 150 cc